Behind the high laurel hedge is a veritable enchanted forest of Pacific Northwest indigenous species – outstanding specimens of Western red cedar, Douglas fir and hemlock, salal, red huckleberry, blue huckleberry, evergreen huckleberry, Oregon grape, rhododendron, and azalea. This natural woodland provides habitat for a variety of birdlife. The snag tree stump left in the front yard offers nesting for flickers, pileated woodpeckers and many smaller birds. Mating pairs of Anna’s hummingbirds also nest annually in the yard. In 2016 the National Wildlife Federation declared the Estate a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Like glades in the forest, spaces have been carved out of the arboreal yard for gathering and recreation. On the south side fronting the park is an old brick terrace and sunlit, automatically irrigated lawn with long, unobstructed sight lines across the park to the University District, Capitol Hill and downtown Seattle. The presence of the park prohibits nearby development and so protects the endless vistas.

A second lawn on the east, buffering the two residences, is wide enough for badminton, volleyball, bocce or croquet. These large-scale outdoor spaces offer you flexible uses including concerts and weddings, multi-generational family barbecues and formal receptions, with tables and chairs dotting the circular driveway.

If your goals include accommodating additional family or community, The Maple Leaf Parkfront Estate Feasibility Package demonstrates how the rare estate might be expanded – through as few as one or two new cottages, or into a larger development of 10 dwellings, comprising 5 larger homes plus 5 cottages. A survey and feasibility study, both completed in 2016, are available to show you how.

Total lot size: 25,965 SF

Zoning SF 5000

Land Survey available

Feasibility Study available

Flexible use or development options

Potential for 5 home sites & 10 buildings

Maple Leaf Reservoir Park

Views of parkland and downtown

Certified Wildlife Habitat

Lush established native plantings

Automatic sprinkler system

Potential for family compound